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Steer AI-based bidding using predictive intelligence to target and win the best customers

iCLV helps you to track & predict, activate, and report across
paid search and paid social.


Leverage your first party transaction and CRM data and use predictive intelligence to steer Google's and Meta's AI-based bidding systems

Track & Predict

You can only steer AI-based bidding systems by enhancing your conversion tracking and incorporating predictive intelligence.

Use margin data instead of revenue

Deduct expected future returns for every product sold

Make the value of new customers visible by predicting future purchases (CLV)


The iCLV marketing platform feeds the predictions into the ad platforms’ bidding systems helping them to make better decisions.

Allocate more budget to target loyal new customers

Push products with higher profit margins and lower returns

Prepare for a cookieless future with server-side tracking


The iCLV Marketing Platform helps you see more than your campaigns’ short-term results. It uses CLV predictions to reveal the true value of customers you acquire. And it shows you the actual repeat purchases as they happen over time.

Reveal the true ROI of your campaigns including repeat purchases

Identify investment opportunities based on CLV & incrementality attribution

Validate the predictions by tracking all repeat purchases and compare against incrementality test results


What is incrementality measurement in marketing?

Drive top & bottom-line growth on Google, Meta and Microsoft Ads

"In three years from now, all digital campaigns will be run by Machine Learning algorithms... So make sure you tell the algorithms to optimize for the right metric... If you're able to forecast lifetime value better than your competitors, you'll have the edge, even if you're optimizing using the same ML platform."

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau

Chief Evangelist, Google

Frequently Asked Questions

iCVL stands for Incremental Customer Lifetime Value. We consider it to be the gold standard of paid media KPIs:

  • It measures contribution margins after returns (unlike the industry standard revenue before returns)
  • It contains expected repeat purchases for new customers to predict how much long-term value was created (unlike today’s focus on short-term transactions)
  • It is Incrementality-cleansed. Conversions from customers that didn’t need to see ads receive lower credits (unlike today’s attribution which distributes all conversion credits to media touchpoints)
In short: iCLV shows how campaigns have contributed to profitable eCommerce growth – over the short- and long-term.
The iCLV Marketing Platform complements Google Ads. Most eCommerce brands can’t configure Google’s Smart Bidding to optimize for Customer Lifetime Value.

The major challenge lies outside of the ad platform: Smart Bidding needs product margins, estimated returns, and accurate lifetime value predictions for every new customer. Calculating and ingesting these data points into Google Ads in a timely and reliable manner is extremely challenging. Our product helps you solve that problem, even when challenged with data siloes and a legacy data infrastructure.
Our data scientists and machine learning engineers have taken great care to develop a highly accurate predictive lifetime value classifier.

After only one purchase, iCLV can predict into which profitability bucket a new customer likely falls. Buckets often range from 1 (a very low lifetime value) to 5 (a very high lifetime value). The prediction has proven to correctly classify new customers with a 74% accuracy.
The iCLV platform combines CLV predictions with incrementality, by leveraging results from actual incrementality tests. It reveals true incremental revenue against typical Google Analytics or Adobe reporting. For new, untested channels, the platform is able to predict incrementality based on the engagement of customer segments.

Yes. Crealytics focuses on delivering excellent products and services for eCommerce brands. Our Lifetime Value Prediction is highly tailored to the data found in retail environments.

Yes, in two ways.

First, it uses server-side tracking. This requires no tracking cookies and doesn’t expose personal data like the shoppers’ IP addresses.

Second: As shoppers deny tracking consent (e.g., GDPR), ad platforms start modeling conversion values (Google Consent Mode). The ad platforms’ models benefit from the highly de-averaged conversion data (margins, returns, predicted lifetime value) provided by the iCLV Marketing Platform.

The setup happens in three steps, for all of which Crealytics will provide the support you need.

  • We import data from your ERP, CRM, and Analytics and train a predictive lifetime value model specific to your business.
  • Your ad accounts start to receive the data. The bidding strategies start working with it.