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Paid Search

Paid Search.

Find a more intelligent, long-term
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The rules of the game have changed

As automation and AI take over search, every marketer will wind up using the same legacy tools to achieve the same outdated goals. Standing out means optimizing against better data sets, leveraging better technologies, and choosing smarter KPIs.

Align marketing with enterprise goals

When you integrate the data that matters – COGS, returns, margins and new customer rate – your bidding algorithm optimizes for the smartest KPIs.

Acquire loyal shoppers

We use purchase histories, competitor research and third-party data to refine audience segmentation. With this, we can also forecast the future value of high-profit customers.

Reassess campaign portfolio value

Measuring differently casts new light on the value of branded vs. non-branded terms. Supported by incrementality testing, you’ll get campaigns that are properly invested, measured, and evaluated.

Great ROAS, Terrible Results

Retailers once used basic KPIs like ROAS as their go-to metrics. Not anymore. Uncover the advantages of switching to a long-term focus in the shape of CLV-centric advertising. 

Adapt Google Smart Bidding for Meaningful Results

Because automation's only as smart as the KPIs you put in place

We’ve run the tests – no one beats Google’s automated bidding platform for efficiency. But that doesn’t make it effective. For all its advantages, it still targets a one-dimensional metric: Return on Ad Spend.

Crealytics helps drastically improve your customers’ lifetime ROI. The secret? Adapting it with independent measurements and smarter goals. Learn why better data ingestion is key for driving the customers you want.

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