Monetize Your Website With Smarter Product Ads

Go beyond routine revenue streams.
Our next-gen SPA program scales you further, faster.

Leave no page unmonetized

Most monetization programs choke revenue potential. They limit auction expansion and hide relevance scoring. Crealytics’ progressive ad model monetizes your entire page – for display as well as search. You get a transparent exchange across all product positions, and users get a great experience.

Enjoy customized relevancy controls. We empower you to create your own business rules, embed unique ad requirements, and prioritize as you see fit.

Transform your entire sponsored products program through an integrated solution, while  balancing revenue goals alongside user experience priorities.

Add new revenue sources while keeping existing vendors. Properly value your inventory - as well as improving fill and fulfillment rates.

Great ROAS, Terrible Results

Retailers once used basic KPIs like ROAS as their go-to metrics. Not anymore. Uncover the advantages of switching to a long-term focus in the shape of CLV-centric advertising. 

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