Unveiling the 2024 Sponsored Products Benchmarks:
A Roadmap to Retail Media Success

Download the presentation of the webinar here.

This webinar hosted in partnership with AdExchanger offers an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated “2024 Sponsored Products Benchmarks Report.”  This comprehensive report aggregates publicly available search results data on sponsored products collected from 9 U.S.-based retail media websites (desktop) over Q3 2023-Q1 2024, providing a representative set of more than 2500 keywords across various categories. 

What’s Included

Gain an in-depth understanding of the sponsored products landscape across 9 U.S.-based retail media websites.

Discover the dominance of key players like Amazon and Walmart in the sponsored products space.

Explore seasonal trends and buying patterns, including holiday spikes and budget allocation strategies.

Uncover brand data, revealing which brands are advertising with specific retailers and the concentration of brands across different Retail Media Networks.

Find out who uses different ad formats and how, including in-grid sponsored ads, sponsored brand, sponsored video and more.

Learn about the strategic use of sponsored products across various product categories, including grocery, fashion, beauty, and more.

Identify opportunities and gaps in sponsored product coverage, as well as the top categories maximizing ad opportunities.

Understand ad inventory distribution and placement strategies across different Retail Media Networks.


Andreas Reiffen

Founder and CEO at Crealytics

Andreas Reiffen is the founder and CEO of Crealytics. He was born and raised in Germany and has been living in New York City since 2016. With the expansion to the US and offices around the globe, Crealytics is one of the few successful German Ad Tech exports. 
For the past five years, Andreas has been on a mission to democratize the retail media ecosystem with a supply-side platform for sponsored products and display. What initially seemed to fail is now fueling the growth of some of the largest retail media networks in the United States. 

Mark Burton

Head of Product – Retail Media at Crealytics

Mark Burton is the Head of Product – Retail Media at Crealytics, providing direction and strategy for their retail media technology solutions. With over 6 years of experience in retail media, including roles like Director of Retail Media Consulting at dunnhumby APAC designing retail media networks, Director of Product at Starcount building retail media products, and previous positions at dunnhumby UK developing programmatic retail media, measurement tools and custom analytics for retailers and brands, Mark brings extensive expertise in product development, data analytics and retail media strategy to his leadership position at Crealytics. 

Unlock Retail Media Revenue with the 2024 Sponsored Products Benchmarks Report
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